Causes Of Health Imbalances? Contact Waikanae Acupuncture Clinic in Otaki

Mind and Body in harnomy - a view provided by the acupuncturist Waikanae acupuncture clinic

In TCM models, movements of Qi in human body follows the cycle of day and night and seasons. Disharmony can be a result of 3 causes from external, internal, or miscellaneous factors: 

External Causes

In the change of seasons, there will be more of one of the following environmental factors: Wind, Warm, Heat, Dry, Damp, Cold. Pathogenic attack most likely takes place at the change of seasons when the above one or two factors become too strong to resist, and meantime when one's defensive Qi is not upholding strongly. 

Internal Causes

Imbalanced of any of the seven emotions (joy, anger, sadness, happiness, worries, pensiveness, fear, and shock). imbalance related to food and drinks. Imbalance related to the overuse of body either physically or mentally (work, exercise, sex, etc.). Constitutional imbalances(genetically related, the family tendency, or chronic conditions that have damaged health). 

Micelleneous Factors

Trauma, injuries, poisons, etc.

Acupuncture Treatment Strategy

Traditional Chinese Medicine - acupuncture and herbs - treatment strategy - and use of acupuncture

Branch or Root Treatment

The acupuncturist in Waikanae acupuncture clinic in Otaki, Kapiti coast carries out tuina and acupuncture treatments with strategies to deal with either a branch (symptoms that are severe and acute, needs to be dealt with quickly, such as a migraine headache must be relieved), or a root (internal disharmony that must addressed at some stage once a branch has been addressed), or a combination of both branch or root.  

Early Intervention for Exterior Conditions

Acupuncture therapy uses the channels system to re-balance one's body and the earliest the better for an acupuncture intervention to achieve a balanced health. For example:  

  • In an exterior invasion, one or two acupuncture may be helpful to shorten a typical 3 weeks flu episode to be passed with reduced symptoms within a week.
  • And might reduce the chance of getting complications of lung infections.

Using acupuncture for exterior invasions might not be a choice for people are young or strong who are capable of speedy self-recovery, but it may be an option for people with chronic conditions to reduce the chance of further complications.

The General Use of Acupuncture

Balance mind and body, and may be helpful in these conditions:

  • relieving and restoring emotional imbalances that can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive system disharmony, fatigue, headache, etc.  
  • helping chronic conditions: fatigue, nausea, pain, stress.  
  • helping post surgery recovering: pain relief, helping digestive functions, speeding up healing of the wound and reducing scar, improving circulation and metabolism.

The Preventive Use of Acupuncture

Is to be preventive and may be helpful in these conditions:

Musculoskeletal pains - Sleep disorders - Anxiety - Digestive disorders - Fatigue - Post surgery rehab - Headaches/Migraines - Menstrual disorders - Men's health - Pregnancy Clinic - Stress - Cerebral Disorders - Bell's Palsy and more...