acupuncturist View About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

traditional body cun measurement, an inheritance of the acupuncturist in Waikanae acupuncture clinic

What is TCM?

TCM, a human health framework developed in China since the dawn of its civilization, evolved through the history and remains as the core of the culture.

TCM, is based on the philosophical sequence, patterns, and movements of Yin-Yang in the universe, perceiving human body as a microcosmic  miniature of the macrocosmic Yin Yang movement of time and space in the universe. 

Five Phases - Tian Ren He Yi - 3 treasures model

Tian Ren He Yi (天人合一) - 3 Treasures & Cyclical View

Human health is under the influence of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. TCM depicts human body between heaven and earth as the 3 treasures, and promotes "Tian ren he yi (天人合一)", the acupuncturist's crucial thoughts that men and women will be benefited by maintaining balanced health as a way of living, following the cycle of yin yang in seasons and life stages: men have an 8 years cycle and women have a 7 years cycle.  

Taiqi - the practical knowledge in breathing, meditation, and excercises, good for all ages

Taiqi - The Practical Knowledge for Balanced Health

The below exercises are practical to every person, an essential part of maintaining balanced health:

  • Qigong: breathing and meditation techniques
  • Taiqi: soft and slow movement of body forms, building upon a body's center of gravity
  • Daoyin: animal plays and exercises to cultivate vitality

Qi and channels

Qi in various Chiese writings

Qi- the basic unit of vitality

To be more close to the term, it was compared to the triggermechanism, or dynamic of a physical device 'bow and arrow' that once it has been triggered will release the arrow from the bow.  

The various writings of Qi

The writings are providing insights for today's people to understand Qi. It is termed in English as energy, unfortunately, it is such a unique term in Chinese culture, there is no direct translation can be found in other languages. 

The invisibility of Qi

Invisibility is one of the key character of Qi, it flows freely everywhere in human body when there is no blockage in the channels. 

Acupuncture points, or Xue (穴)

Each point is a hole, cavity, or vacuity by definition, invisible but can be felt by touch, needles can trigger De-Qi or the arrival of Qi sensation. 

Channels(or meridians) - the network of Qi

The pathway joined by acupuncture points, and a network for Qi to run like water in rivers. It is an invisible line of acupuncture points.