I can do so many more things without the anxiety...

 "I sought help from Jason for chronic irritable bowel symptoms (IBS-D) after trying many other options.  With treatment from Jason, I have had an enormous improvement in my bowel symptoms, and this has made a huge difference in my life as I can now do so many more things without the anxiety that comes with IBS-D. The treatment also reduced inflammation on my face (diagnosed previously as "rosacea") and I slept better... great side effects!"   


Amazing healer

Jason is an amazing healer, I am very pleased with my treatment result. 

Yu Zhou

Professional approach

Jason's attentive and professional approach to patient care has had excellent results for me. Lower back pain and general well being has greatly improved. 

Chris Evans

Superb, excellent, professional and effective

Superb, excellent, professional and effective. I had knee surgery in October which was not healing. Jason started treating me mid January and within a couple of weeks, the pain was reduced and the knee was healing. I recommend Jason as a skilled and professional practitioner. 

Graeme Joyes. Waikanae 

Effective in improving my health

Jason is an intelligent and considerate TCM practitioner. He has been treating me for kidney stones and other related conditions and his treatments have been very effective in improving my health. Highly recommended.


David Pritchard

Auricular Therapy helped my in quitting drug addiction

Jason has been treating me for addiction to painkillers brought about by a chronic painful illness. He focused his treatment on acupuncture points on my ears, both with needles and with seeds. Combined with other medicines and supplements I found the treatment to be very effective.

David Pritchard

Post-surgical recovery and well-being


Suffering from chronic lower back pain and other ailments since surgery in 2015. Jason has worked wonders for me to the extent I can now bend my back without excruciating pain. Overall there has been a big improvement in my health. My sister has seen the change in me and has herself become a patient with good results. I cannot recommend Jason highly enough. He is a professionally caring person and very ethical. 

Anne Smith