Balanced Health and Wellness Pathway - acupuncturist's view

Balanced health is the wellness pathway, provided by acupuncturist Waikanae acupuncture clinic

Use acupuncture and herbs for balanced health and wellness - It is a unique journey for each individual. To maintain optimal health, which relies on one's mindfulness of balances between mind and body, and between different seasons and environments.

Below are the wellness pathway and key areas that one can envision with a major health condition and expect to be restored back to balanced health with the help of acupuncture and herbs.

1 - 3 Months Acupuncture Treatments

Pain and discomforts are signs of any health condition, acupuncture treatments aim at restoring the free flow of channel energy. In general, 6 to 12 acupuncture treatments are necessary and minimum for an acupuncturist to remove stagnation and rebalance channel energies.  

1 - 3 Months Herbs For Detoxification and Tonification

After 6 - 12 acupuncture treatments, one may experience no pain and discomforts. But the underlying toxicity and deficiency, often related to one's constitution and life stage, can be helped by Chinese herbs. 

1 - 2 Weeks Water Fasting to Control Weight

Heath conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, can be greatly helped by losing 5 - 10 kgs of weight. Water fasting assisted with the acupuncturist's practical knowledge and classes on proper Chinese herbs, Qigong, and Taichi exercises may be an option forward. The best time is to start it one week after new year, make it a new years resolution. 

Food & Lifestyle Consultation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) further differentiates food, exercises according to the principle of yin and yang:

  • The four movements of food and exercises are warm, heat, cool, and cold. Any movement has a seasonal quality, is yang by nature, and is basically a manifestation of the principle of Sun, the biggest symbol of yang in the universe that influences life on earth.
  • The five nourishments of food and exercises are classified by tastes: sour (stretching), bitter (running), sweet (walking), pungent (swimming) and salty (meditation). Any taste has a Five Phases Characteristics, is yin by nature, and is a manifestation of the principle of Moon, the biggest symbol of yin in the universe that influences life on earth. 

The above yin-yang principles of Sun and Moon, provide tools that we can use to assist an individual to make adjustments to daily food intake and activities to suit his/her constitution. Each person has his/her unique Five Phase's body type, and it is the best to be matched to a proper food and exercise structure based on the principle of yin-yang, four seasons, and five tastes.